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Tagalog Quotes About Relationship


“Ang RELASYON ay parang KRAYOLA, may kulay na MALUNGKOT, may kulay na MASAYA. At sa oras na ikinulay mo na, KUKUPAS lang pero HINDI na ito mabubura.”

tagalog quotes about relationships
Tagalog Quotes About Relationship - Crayons
Relationships are like crayons. There are bright and gray shades. You and your partner are both in-charge of what color your relationship would fall into. Be cautious with your color because once you’ve paint it in your relationship, there is no turning back. You can’t change the color but to wait for it to fade.

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Strong Relationship

“Tumitibay ang RELASYON kung hawak-kamay kayo sa LAHAT ng panahon.”

tagalog quotes relationship
Tagalog Quotes - Strong Relationship

If both of you managed to hold hands while facing life’s challenges, your relationship will surely gets stronger. You will both realize the importance of that relationship and you will surely treasure every moment together. Try to prove to everyone that you will support each other despite of difficulties in life.

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Just Like Coffee

“Ang relationship ay parang MAINIT na kape, LUMALAMIG kapag NAPAPABAYAAN.”

tagalog love quotes
Tagalog Relationship Quotes - Just Like Coffee
A relationship must be kept strong, warm and affectionate by both parties and allow it to grow constantly. It should not be taken for granted.

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Headlights On

“Ang RELASYON ay parang mga ILAW sa isang sasakyan, kailangan na parehong nakasindi. Kapag isa lang kasi ang nakailaw, aakalain ng makakasalubong mo… SINGLE ka.”

tagalog relationship quotes
Tagalog Quotes About Relationship - Headlights On
You and your partner should work together to get the most out of your relationship. Both of you should make all efforts in order for that relationship to work out. Besides, if you or your partner neglects your connection, for example, people around you don’t see you together for quite some time, they might think you are not getting along smoothly.

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