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Filipino Quotes About Life

Move Forward

“Kung may PINAGDADAANAN ka, dumaan ka lang, HUWAG NA HUWAG kang tatambay.”

filipino quotes about life
Filipino Quotes About Life - Moving Forward

There are certain challenges in life that you might find very difficult to deal with. It may not be helpful to entertain these negative aspects. We should learn how to bypass all these problems and make them our inspirations to pursue our dreams and walk on the right path of life. Challenges can be an effective tool in making our personality stronger and firmer. These problems can be useful in developing our determination while teaching us the moral lessons it implies.

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Knowing What is Right

“Malalaman mo lamang na MALI ang isang BAGAY kapag ALAM mo na kung ANO ANG TAMA.”

tagalog life quotes
Tagalog Life Quotes - Knowing What is Right

One can never tell if an action, word, attitude, outlook or event is wrong if he does not know the true and correct observation of those aspects. What this Filipino quote boils down to is that one should never judge or criticize a situation until he sees all angles and is familiarized with all the circumstances specified to that certain situation.

Cooking Oil

“Huwag mong ITURING na MANTIKA ang PAGKAKAMALI, hindi ito p’wedeng PAULIT-ULIT.”

life quotes tagalog
Filipino Life Quotes - Cooking Oil

If you commit a mistake, you must learn its associated lesson. You must try all your best not to commit the same mistake. Learn to understand what it implies and try your best to change it for the betterment of your life and the other people around you.

Knowing The Exact Weight

“MALALAMAN mo lamang na KULANG kapag ALAM mo na kung ano ang SAKTONG TIMBANG.”

tagalog life quote picture
Filipino Quote About Life - Knowing the Exact Weight

This Tagalog life quote can be compared to the second quote. We don’t have to be judgmental in a situation until we familiarized ourselves with the two sides of the coin. Unless we have all the necessary details, we can never tell which is right and which is wrong.

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