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Filipino Relationship Quotes

Just Like Wings

“Ang RELASYON ay parang mga pakpak, kapag hindi gumagalaw ng sabay, tiyak na babagsak.”

ang relasyon ay parang quotes
Tagalog Relationship Quotes - Just Like Wings
Do you and your partner complement each other? If not, better work things out. Both of you should act as one and must have the coordination that matches each other’s decision. Remember that you are one and should act as one. This Tagalog quote simply describes the point of a relationship and what characteristic it should possess to greatly develop and lasts forever.

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Termites in a Relationship

“Ang PAGHIHINALA ang mga ANAY na dahan-dahang sumisira sa isang RELASYON.”

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Tagalog Quotes - Termites in a Relationship

Suspicion produces termites that slowly damage and harm a relationship. Try to get rid of negative thoughts and learn to trust one another. Discuss with your partner the issue that you want to be enlightened with. Communication is a good strengthening power in a relationship. Make it a habit to talk with your girlfriend or boyfriend whenever there are issues concerning your relationship.

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No Other Relationship

“Mangyayari lang ang LONG-TERM RELATIONSHIP kung hindi ka mag-iisip pa ng OTHER RELATIONSHIP.”

Other Relationship Quotes

If you want an honest, strong and long-lasting relationship, you must not seek for other relationship other than your current one.

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Rainbow after the Rain

“May RAINBOW pagkatapos ng ULAN. Tulad din na may KALIGAYAHAN pagkatapos mong MASAKTAN.”

tagalog quotes about relationship
Tagalog Quotes About Relationship - Rainbow After the Rain

Despite of tears and sorrows you experienced in the past, there is still hope when it comes to love. Even though you have lost your previous relationship because it did not work out, there is still chance for you to have that happy ending. Don’t lose hope, love is just mysterious in its unique way. Try to learn coping up with your past and learn from it. You can use it with the present and make it work out in your future relationships. Good luck.

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Filipino Relationship Quotes 2012 - Our Daily Filipino Quotes

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