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Filipino Quotes About Love

Loving the Wrong Person

“Hindi naman MALI ang magmahal. Baka NAGKAMALI ka lang ng minahal.”

It is not a sin to fall in love. In fact, loving another person is a blessed act of nature. Falling in love with a person can inspire and motivate you to reach for your goals and accomplish all your endeavors. But be cautious. You might not want to fall in love with the wrong person that might affect you and your world in one way or another. Be careful in choosing the person whom you’ll surrender your heart.

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loving the wrong person
tagalog quotes about love
Inspirational Love Quotes Tagalog

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Be Prepared

“Kakambal ng sarap ang hirap. Asawa ng lungkot ang saya. Bago ka magmahal, ihanda mo ang sarili na masaktan.”

This Tagalog love quote serves as a warning for everyone. Before you fall in love, be ready for all the consequences. There are certain challenges that you can encounter face to face once you enter in a relationship. Be prepared for all things you may meet along the way. Always bear in mind that in every joy you have in your hands comes great barriers that will try to hinder happiness. But if you manage to defeat all these negative aspects, I can assure you that you and your partner will have a strong relationship that will last even for a lifetime.

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be prepared
filipino quotes about love
Filipino Love Quotes – Be Prepared

It Is Not What You Get

“Sa pag-ibig, hindi mahalaga ang natatanggap mo, kundi ang naibibigay mo.”

In the world of love, you must always consider not what you could get from your loved one, but the things you can give to him or her. You must constantly aim to give him or her the love he or she deserves and that you should always think of what you can do to prove him or her of your love.

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it is not what you get
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Inspirational Love Quote - It Is Not What You Get

No Hide and Seek

“Hindi pwedeng magtaguan ang nagmamahalan, hindi pwedeng mag-unahan o maghabulan. Walang mataya-taya sa pag-iibigan.”

Hiding your true feelings will not help your relationship. This Filipino Love quote suggests that both parties should be honest and sincere. They should be act and speak as one. There should be no following, no race or even playing games. He and she should always walk together hand in hand.

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no hide and seek
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Filipino Love Quotes – No Hide and Seek

Filipino Quotes About Life

Move Forward

“Kung may PINAGDADAANAN ka, dumaan ka lang, HUWAG NA HUWAG kang tatambay.”

filipino quotes about life
Filipino Quotes About Life - Moving Forward

There are certain challenges in life that you might find very difficult to deal with. It may not be helpful to entertain these negative aspects. We should learn how to bypass all these problems and make them our inspirations to pursue our dreams and walk on the right path of life. Challenges can be an effective tool in making our personality stronger and firmer. These problems can be useful in developing our determination while teaching us the moral lessons it implies.

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Knowing What is Right

“Malalaman mo lamang na MALI ang isang BAGAY kapag ALAM mo na kung ANO ANG TAMA.”

tagalog life quotes
Tagalog Life Quotes - Knowing What is Right

One can never tell if an action, word, attitude, outlook or event is wrong if he does not know the true and correct observation of those aspects. What this Filipino quote boils down to is that one should never judge or criticize a situation until he sees all angles and is familiarized with all the circumstances specified to that certain situation.

Cooking Oil

“Huwag mong ITURING na MANTIKA ang PAGKAKAMALI, hindi ito p’wedeng PAULIT-ULIT.”

life quotes tagalog
Filipino Life Quotes - Cooking Oil

If you commit a mistake, you must learn its associated lesson. You must try all your best not to commit the same mistake. Learn to understand what it implies and try your best to change it for the betterment of your life and the other people around you.

Knowing The Exact Weight

“MALALAMAN mo lamang na KULANG kapag ALAM mo na kung ano ang SAKTONG TIMBANG.”

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Filipino Quote About Life - Knowing the Exact Weight

This Tagalog life quote can be compared to the second quote. We don’t have to be judgmental in a situation until we familiarized ourselves with the two sides of the coin. Unless we have all the necessary details, we can never tell which is right and which is wrong.

Filipino Relationship Quotes

Just Like Wings

“Ang RELASYON ay parang mga pakpak, kapag hindi gumagalaw ng sabay, tiyak na babagsak.”

ang relasyon ay parang quotes
Tagalog Relationship Quotes - Just Like Wings
Do you and your partner complement each other? If not, better work things out. Both of you should act as one and must have the coordination that matches each other’s decision. Remember that you are one and should act as one. This Tagalog quote simply describes the point of a relationship and what characteristic it should possess to greatly develop and lasts forever.

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Termites in a Relationship

“Ang PAGHIHINALA ang mga ANAY na dahan-dahang sumisira sa isang RELASYON.”

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Tagalog Quotes - Termites in a Relationship

Suspicion produces termites that slowly damage and harm a relationship. Try to get rid of negative thoughts and learn to trust one another. Discuss with your partner the issue that you want to be enlightened with. Communication is a good strengthening power in a relationship. Make it a habit to talk with your girlfriend or boyfriend whenever there are issues concerning your relationship.

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No Other Relationship

“Mangyayari lang ang LONG-TERM RELATIONSHIP kung hindi ka mag-iisip pa ng OTHER RELATIONSHIP.”

Other Relationship Quotes

If you want an honest, strong and long-lasting relationship, you must not seek for other relationship other than your current one.

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Rainbow after the Rain

“May RAINBOW pagkatapos ng ULAN. Tulad din na may KALIGAYAHAN pagkatapos mong MASAKTAN.”

tagalog quotes about relationship
Tagalog Quotes About Relationship - Rainbow After the Rain

Despite of tears and sorrows you experienced in the past, there is still hope when it comes to love. Even though you have lost your previous relationship because it did not work out, there is still chance for you to have that happy ending. Don’t lose hope, love is just mysterious in its unique way. Try to learn coping up with your past and learn from it. You can use it with the present and make it work out in your future relationships. Good luck.

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Filipino Relationship Quotes 2012 - Our Daily Filipino Quotes

Tagalog Quotes About Relationship


“Ang RELASYON ay parang KRAYOLA, may kulay na MALUNGKOT, may kulay na MASAYA. At sa oras na ikinulay mo na, KUKUPAS lang pero HINDI na ito mabubura.”

tagalog quotes about relationships
Tagalog Quotes About Relationship - Crayons
Relationships are like crayons. There are bright and gray shades. You and your partner are both in-charge of what color your relationship would fall into. Be cautious with your color because once you’ve paint it in your relationship, there is no turning back. You can’t change the color but to wait for it to fade.

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Strong Relationship

“Tumitibay ang RELASYON kung hawak-kamay kayo sa LAHAT ng panahon.”

tagalog quotes relationship
Tagalog Quotes - Strong Relationship

If both of you managed to hold hands while facing life’s challenges, your relationship will surely gets stronger. You will both realize the importance of that relationship and you will surely treasure every moment together. Try to prove to everyone that you will support each other despite of difficulties in life.

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Just Like Coffee

“Ang relationship ay parang MAINIT na kape, LUMALAMIG kapag NAPAPABAYAAN.”

tagalog love quotes
Tagalog Relationship Quotes - Just Like Coffee
A relationship must be kept strong, warm and affectionate by both parties and allow it to grow constantly. It should not be taken for granted.

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Headlights On

“Ang RELASYON ay parang mga ILAW sa isang sasakyan, kailangan na parehong nakasindi. Kapag isa lang kasi ang nakailaw, aakalain ng makakasalubong mo… SINGLE ka.”

tagalog relationship quotes
Tagalog Quotes About Relationship - Headlights On
You and your partner should work together to get the most out of your relationship. Both of you should make all efforts in order for that relationship to work out. Besides, if you or your partner neglects your connection, for example, people around you don’t see you together for quite some time, they might think you are not getting along smoothly.

Tagalog Quotes About Relationship 2012 - by Our Daily Filipino Quotes